The Group

We are the Suzano Group, one of Brazil’s most traditional privately held business groups, built on over 90 years of innovation, professional business management and social environmental responsibility.

About Us

With 93 years of history, we are one of Brazil’s oldest privately held business groups. Our tradition inspires and fosters dynamic management, marked by a knack for innovation and reinvention, a willingness to take risks and make bold decisions. Evolving from the early days, when we were a retailer of paper products, we became a corporation: today, in addition to a significant share of the paper and cellulose industry, the Group has activities in insurance and reinsurance, risk management, real estate development, software, products and services for digital media. Through the Ecofuturo Institute, we invest in social programs.

Our work is built on lasting relationships, on the respect and trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and partners. It is the result of a constant pursuit for new business models and products and for solutions that add value for the Group and for society.