Our corporate governance model is based on professionalism and on the principles of integrity, equality, transparency, sustainable development and professional recognition.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct expresses the commitment of the companies that form the Suzano Group to the ethical principles that shape our business approach. The Code guides our activities and the relationship between our employees and stakeholders.

We also have an External Ombudsman, managed by a specialized and independent consultancy firm. It is responsible for forwarding reports and complaints and ensuring anonymity of individuals whenever desired. This service is available through the following channels:

codigo-conduta-email             codigo-conduta-telefone


Management Model

Our Management Model is designed to combine growth and profitability, competitiveness and sustainability. These premises ensure consistency to our management and quality for the implementation and execution of our strategies.

In running our businesses, we analyze aspects related to risk, image, sustainability and strategic planning.



We believe that innovation is a continuous process which inspires our operations every day. It is present in the way the organization grows and how it is structured, in the development of new materials, technologies, products and services, and in the relationship with the public.

Investment in research and development has been constant throughout our history as a strategy to improve competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. In parallel, special projects enable us to identify business opportunities for products, their applications and new markets, in addition to improving the quality of our services.